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Wax Melt Burners Electric Wax Oil Burner for Essential Oil Wax Melts Scented Wax Cubes Home Fragrance Wax Melter Oil Burner Ceramic White for Aromatherapy Gift

Wax Melt Burners Electric Wax Oil Burner for Essential Oil Wax Melts Scented Wax Cubes Home Fragrance Wax Melter Oil Burner Ceramic White for Aromatherapy Gift

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  • Wax Melt Warmer for Scented Wax burner melts wax cubes or essential oil for creating a relaxing and pleasant ambience with your favourite choice fragrance.
  • Wax Melts Warmer with Nightlight illuminates through stylish carved ceramic cover to create a romantic mood perfect for versatile home décor table or bedside light.
  • Scented Wax Melts Wax Cubes fill the air with fragrance for hours when melted. Keeps the air smelling fresh and welcoming.
  • Electric Wax Melter operates with an easy on-off roller switch, simply put wax cube or essential oil into the warming plate for pleasant and relaxing aroma.
  • Candle Wax Melt Fragance Warmer is a great gift for your friends, family and lover. Risk-free purchase with money back guarantee in 30 days warranty.

Product Description

Wax Melt Burner

We all need to learn the balance between working and living. After a long day’s hard work, we must relax and recharge ourselves, so we could be ready for the challenges tomorrow. Earnest Living specializes in the field of Aromatherapy; through our products, you’ll be able to harvest the therapeutic effects of plant essence, and enjoy the healing power of nature.

Wax Melt Burner

Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to create a soothing, relaxing environment, and our Wax Burner would help you bring that peacefulness into your life. Just add wax cubes or a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and the fine fragrance will be spread into your surroundings; you will instantly feel the calming sensation of nature’s scent, which is often used to improve sleep. When used without wax cubes and essential oil, the device acts as a gentle night light to illuminate your room.

  • Multi-Purpose: Wax Melt Warmer, Oil Diffuser, Night Light, Humidifier, Home Décor, Gifting, Birthdays, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Holidays.
  • Size: 11.4 x 11.4 x 15.2 centimetres (Diameter)

Gentle Night Light

This wax melt burner uses wax cubes and essential oil to create fragrance particles into the air. Fragrance air is known to help soothe itchy skin and provides a peaceful atmosphere for working, reading, and sleeping. Relaxing Night Light is also designed to warm scented oils into the room

Easy On-Off Button Switch

This highly crafted ceramic diffuser comes with an easy on-off button switch setting. The aromatherapy helps you target and achieve short-length goals like exercising for doing 1 Yoga session, Meditation, or just general relaxation.

A Unique Craft, Amazing Quality

This exquisite ceramic wax melt burner is crafted with unique methods, and the hollowed-out ceramic cutting technique is highly favored and enjoyed by ceramic/clay enthusiasts. This is the best quality ceramic diffuser in style and in material that you will come to love.

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Price £23.99£23.99 £21.99£21.99 £23.99£23.99
Capacity 100 ml 100 ml 100 ml 100 ml 200 ml 250 ml
Material Ceramic Ceramic Metal Glass Plastic Ceramic
Mist Output 20-35ml 20-35ml 20-35ml 20-35ml 20-35ml 20-35ml
Working Time 3-5H 3-5H 3-5H 3-5H 3-5H 6-9H
Timer Setting 0.5H/1H/2H/3H ON/1H/2H/3H 0.5H/1H/2H/3H 0.5H/1H/2H/3H 0.5H/1H/2H/3H ON/1H/3H/5H
Special Features 7 Changing Lights 7 Changing Lights 7 Changing Lights 7 Changing Lights Fill the air with fragrance 7 Changing Lights
Waterless Auto-off
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