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Handheld Fan, Mini Portable Fan USB Rechargeable, Small Pocket Fan 5 Speeds with Lanyard and Base, Built-In 4200Mah Battery USB Desk Fan Foldable for Office, Outdoor, Home, School

Handheld Fan, Mini Portable Fan USB Rechargeable, Small Pocket Fan 5 Speeds with Lanyard and Base, Built-In 4200Mah Battery USB Desk Fan Foldable for Office, Outdoor, Home, School

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  • 【USB Rechargeable】With its built-in high capacity 4200mAh lithium batteries, the portable fan can work for 5.5-13 hours when fully charged. You can charge this mini battery operated fan with any USB device since it is compatible with all USB ports.
  • 【Five Speeds Adjustable and One-button Design】Compared to similar products on the market, the small fan has been innovatively upgraded to five wind speeds to meet your needs on different occasions. Furthermore, the one-button design allows you to switch between different wind speeds by pressing the button and turn it off by pressing the button for three seconds.
  • 【LED Display】The fan comes with a digital display that shows the current wind speed and battery level when it is working. Additionally, the small fan's battery level indicator does also serve as a reminder to charge it before this mini fan runs out of power.
  • 【Quick Cooling and Removable Fan Guard】The USB fan features five blades to maximise airflow for cooler, softer wind. Moreover, the removable fan guard allows you to easily clean the fan in order to avoid allergies caused by dust accumulation.
  • 【Low Noise and Portable】High quality pure copper motor reduces frictional noise and provides strong wind at a lower noise level. With a weight of only 190 grams, the handheld fan can be taken anywhere at any time. You can use it as a hand fan, a neck fan by just hanging it around your neck when you are outside, or as a desk fan when you are working.

Product Description

The hand fan offers a smaller air cut, a softer air breeze and a wide air range for more comfort.

LED Display

This handheld fan features a clear digital LED screen that makes daily use more convenient.

By pressing the fan's button, you can see the exact battery level and the current wind speed. Additionally, the LED display do also serve as a reminder to recharge when the battery is low.

Removable Fan Guard and Scented Flakes

The cover of this table fan is removable for cleaning. Simply turn the fan cover anti-clockwise, then you can easily remove it. The daily cleaning of the mini fan not only prevents allergies due to dust accumulation, but also prolongs its life.

In addition, the small portable fan comes with fragrance flakes where you can add your favorite essential oil. Enjoy a cool breeze while smelling your favorite scent.

A Five-speed Wind Innovation

Sleep wind - 13 hours

Natural wind - 10.5 hours

Refreshing wind - 7.5 hours

Cooling wind - 5.5 hours

Circular wind - 9 hours

With 5 speeds to choose from, you can select the speed that suits your needs. Due to the fan's built-in high-performance motor, it produces less noise. This fan is so quiet that you can use it while you are sleeping.

Small Fan with Equipped Base

Each of our USB rechargeable fans comes with a base. You can use it as a phone stand as well as a desk fan by simply inserting the mini fan into the base.

You can therefore enjoy a cool breeze while watching TV.

Folding Design

Weighing only 190 grams, this mini USB fan can be carried anywhere.

In addition, this mini fan can be folded up to 90 degrees. It can be used as a hand fan when you're out and about, or as a desk fan when you're at work. By hanging it around your neck, you can also use it as a neck fan.

What is in the package

1 * Rafada Handheld Fan

1 * USB-C Charging Cable

1 * Lanyard

1 * Base

1 * Product Manual

1 * Scent Flakes

Some tips:

  • The battery powered fan may automatically switch off as the motor gets hotter with prolonged use. If this happens, do not worry and simply press the button to restart the small fan.
  • We recommend charging the small fan when the battery reaches 20% rather than when it is empty, to save the battery and prolong its life.
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